ApacheCon Europe 2005
Stuttgart, Germany
18-22 July 2005

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Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart
Wirtschaftsministerium Baden Württemberg

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Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart

Stuttgart Region Development Corporation created and coordinates the initiative "Open Source Region Stuttgart". With more than 40 events to date, some 170,000 visitors to the website and more than 30 million media contacts, the initiative was most effective in making the IT-industry and IT-users more aware of their Open Source software options.

Wirtschaftsministerium Baden Württemberg Wirtschaftsministerium Baden Württemberg

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg.

Additional Sponsors

BitRock BitRock

BitRock provides tools and services to make software easier to use and deploy for both end-users and ISVs. BitRock's InstallBuilder and customized, ready-to-bundle open source stacks combine powerful software with easy to use management tools. BitRock allows software vendors to deliver a great end-user experience while saving time and support costs.

Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart
Wi-Fi Network

The Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart has found itself in the spirit of the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin. There are regular meetings and talks for the public. The main subjects and discussion are creative use of technology, privacy, data security and subjects nearby. Since last year they are also helping in the organisation of Conferences in the Region of Stuttgart - so far this was the aKaDEmy last year and Guadec this year.

Eclipse Magazine Eclipse Magazine
Media Sponsor

The Eclipse Magazin is the first of its kind, dealing with the highly innovative and popular development environment, Eclipse. The magazine covers a broad range of vibrant Eclipse-based topics, such as Web Development, Testing, and Rich Clients. The Eclipse Magazin also includes a unique "Plug-in Parade", where experienced Eclipse consultants present their favourite plug-ins as well as hands-on tips and tricks on getting the best out of the latest releases from the Eclipse Foundation. Each issue is accompanied by a CD-ROM, chock full of various programming examples, tools, software, and plug-ins.

International PHP Magazine International PHP Magazine
Media Sponsor

The English PHP Magazine is the international source for PHP programmers and web developers. It is available worldwide. Different sections on topics like "Business", "Beginners", "Tools & Reviews", "Development" and "Databases" provide the PHP community with all relevant information on PHP.

Java Magazin Java Magazin
Media Sponsor

Java Magazin - Internet & Enterprise Technology In the Java Magazin you will find very simple and practical explanations on Java as well as on XML technologies. The Java Magazin covers a very wide spectrum of topics such as Enterprise, Java on client and server, micro and wireless, product tests, market overviews, opinions and interviews.

JAX Magazine JAX Magazine
Media Sponsor

The JAX Magazine is a premier online resource for the latest industry and technology information pertaining to Java, Apache, XML, and Web Services. Let’s meet for coffee: bookmark JAX Magazine today, to sip into your daily brew of unbiased news, views and analysis about the current and emerging trends in the JAX world. The Fresh Brew, JAX Hojo, Coffea Works, and our range of Book Club Selections are bound to stimulate your average working day. So, come on over for your daily cup of Joe.

Linux Enterprise Linux Enterprise
Media Sponsor

Linux Enterprise collects up-to-date information for IT professionals, who are working in the Open Source field. The editorial concept includes market overviews of business software such as firewalls, backup tools or virtual private networks. In addition web applications from the areas of content and community management as well as e-commerce and tools for software development are introduced. In the development section you will find practical demonstrations of web-technologies dealing with LAMP as well as background articles for programmers and administrators.

PHP Magazin PHP Magazin
Media Sponsor

The PHP Magazin addresses every-day issues that professional PHP programmers have to deal with. The sections of the magazine include the following: "Enterprise", "Start-up", "Tools & Tips", "Development", "Databases", "Solutions".


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